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2014 Bands

Mother Grove

After ten years, 7 CDs and thousands of miles on the road, Mother Grove have certainly paid their dues.  While their CDs are creatively growing and evolving from one to the next and captures their sound very well, Mother Grove’s crown jewel is their live shows; High energy, fun and void of pretension, a Mother Grove show is like an intimate house concert turned up to 11. They interact with the crowd to such an extent, by the end of the evening you feel as if you’re part of the band. You’ll see them  smiling, jumping, dancing and laughing on and off stage. All of which make them very approachable and sought after by pubs, festivals and venues all over the country.

Mother Grove will get you up and dancing jig after jig with their unique blend of well crafted original rock music and rousing rocked up traditional songs. But nestled between the hard hitting bagpipes, drums, bass and guitar and the sweet, rocking fiddle, penny whistle and mandolin are creative original rock songs, with lyrics that will leave you singing along, brushing back a tear or even scratching your head.

Mother Grove has built a reputation for their professionalism over the years. Pub owners, festival directors and sound techs have all heralded them as being “the most easy going band on the circuit”. While many bands might disappear after a show, you’ll find Mother Grove milling about, chatting with fans and having as much (or more!) fun as the crowd.


If you’re into rocking Celtic music, upbeat traditional, or clever and well written pop songs, you’ll find it here, for there’s truly something for everyone with Mother Grove.

PictusImage of Pictus                                                   

Arising from the primal heartbeat of Alba, Eire, Britannia and Gaul, to the haunting cries and ancient voices of the Picts, Celts and Norse, comes a fusion of drums, bagpipes and percussive dance that will stir your soul and move your body with it’s ancient and powerful rhythms.

“Pictus“, from the Latin word meaning “painted”, (a nod to the customs and rituals primitive Celts, Picts and Gauls had of tattooing or painting their bodies) Pictus is more than just a “pipe and drum band”, they consider themselves “Neo Primitive”, reviving the spirit of primitive music from the Celts, Picts, Brittans, Gauls, Norse and beyond and bringing it into the 21st Century by incorporating modern musical elements and composition as well as Irish hard shoe dancing.

The spirit of the Bard is also alive in Pictus; they possess an engaging stage presence, a true feel for their ancient, ancestral ways and enough humor, wisdom and storytelling to round out their powerful musical talents. In addition to the great highland bagpipes and drums, you’ll hear Irish penny whistle, doumbek, djembe, Turkish Tupan and more.

PICTUS is a unique, powerful show that’s not to be missed!

Highland Reign

Highland Reign, an international touring Scots-American folk band from Indianapolis, takes the tunes of the old country and breathes a rocking new life into them!  With traditionals such as "American Stranger", originals like "Carry On" and "The Streets of Edinburgh", and many more, Highland Reign has become one of America's favorite Scottish folk rock bands!

With over 15,000 CD's sold, "Carry On" is the most recent release by Highland Reign!  This CD has the trademark upbeat vocals, lilting Scots fiddle, catch lyrics, bagpipes and guitars!!  Many of the songs were written while on their tour of Scotland and Ireland!

Highland Reign appears at venues and festivals all across America, Scotland, and Ireland!  Check out Highland Reign's professional videos on their website,, the newest video is being filmed in Scotland.

Clabber Alley
Image of Clabber Alley

St. Louis born and bred, these five local musicians bring an exciting, new element to the traditional music scene. They're best known for their soulful and lively harmonies. Back that with dynamic rhythm guitar, and you have the potent combination know as Clabber Alley.  

Clabber Alley features four talented singers. These women have been singing together for close to 10 years now. Their onstage chemistry gives them ability to improvise off of each other, making every show a new and exciting experience. Four years ago, they were joined by a guitarist and friend, whose diverse musical background added an exciting new dynamic.

Named after a tenement that once stood in downtown St. Louis, Clabber Alley is closely tied to their Celtic roots, and this is evident in every song they play. Their songs tell a story of the Celtic people and the strength and heart for which they are most famous. From traditional Celtic love songs to pub music to songs of war, you can expect a diverse range of authentic traditional songs, each with a modern twist. So, if you are looking for is a remarkable Celtic music experience, you need look no further, than Clabber Alley.

3 Pints Gone

3 Pints Gone plays Celtic traditional-style folk songs and sea shanties at bars, Celtic fairs and events around the United States. Their distinctive sound is full of high energy and harmony-rich arrangements. They entertain by telling stories through the songs, that leave the audience feeling like old friends.


Pipe Bands

John Ford Highland Pipe Band

The John Ford Highland Pipe Band is a private, not-for-profit, musical and social group of men and women dedicated to the art of piping and drumming, as well as the maintaining of the Gaelic Heritage. 

Founded in 1969 by Pipe Major, Bill Sandbach, we continue to enjoy providing the Saint Louis region with a premier pipes and drum band.

St. Louis Caledonian Pipe Band

SLCPB is a dynamic new organization with a great history in Saint Louis, Missouri. Several pipers and drummers decided in the summer of 2007 to form a new pipe band, and it merged with Invera'an Pipe Band in November. It's the third name change for Invera'an, which began in 1972 as Meeting of the Waters Pipe Band. Our new name honors the first Saint Louis Caledonian Pipe Band that played sixty years ago. With 35 active members, SLCPB focuses on making the best music possible. The mission of the band is to promote Scottish piping music to the community and to provide musical instruction.

Dance Caledonia

Dance Caledonia, directed by native Scot, Sandra Brown, is a Celtic group specializing in Scottish Traditional and National dance. Teaching includes historical background of the dances, which adds to the learning experience.


Dance Caledonia has been in existence since 1980, and today you will see a selection of dances performed by the students.  The group performs in many different venues all over the area and is particularly excited to participate in Missouri Tartan Day"s festivities celebrating Scottish heritage.


For more information, and for private and or group lessons, you may call 636-227-9375 or


Image of Flower of Scotland Dance Troupe
Flower of Scotland Dance Troupe 

Flower O' Scotland Dance Troupe has danced at Tartan Day, St. Charles for the past 12 years and are very pleased to continue this tradition of exhibiting Scottish Country Dancing in St. Charles.  We exist to preserve and promote our Scottish heritage and Scottish country dancing, which has been danced since the early 16th century. 

We continually recruit dancers to join us in Scottish country dancing.  We are a friendly, fun loving and diverse group of dancers, who love to engage others in our dancing.  At our dance demonstrations we often include our audience to join us in some of the dances.  For information on free dance classes in the Lebanon/Rolla area, contact us at


Antique Tractors
Antique Tractor Display

Black Knights Fight Group
The Black Knights Fight Group is a living history group that educates and entertains the public by doing eye catching fight demonstrations using real steel swords and weapons while wearing period armor and costumes.  Their wide range of exhibitions include:  Roman Gladiators, King Arthur, Medieval Knights, Musketeers, Pirates, Highlanders, American Revolutionary War & Civil War Soldiers, Sherlock Holmes' Bartitsu Fighting, and various other modern hand combat styles.  They provide historically accurate presentations for schools, festivals, churches, theaters, films, promotional events and more!  For further information, contact the award winning and internationally trained Sword Master Bruce Sikes at

8th Missouri Civil War Troop
Civil War Encampment

Living History
Scots in America Through Time (Wild West, Famous Scottish-Americans, Colonial Scottish-Americans)

Seanachie (Storyteller/Bard)--Wendy Blanton (pictured at right)
Wendy Blanton has been the Seanachie Apprentice to Jeff Campbell for nearly 3 years.  She also writes historical fiction, which gives her storytelling a unique twist.  She lives with her husband and 3 cats in Chicago.

Wool Spinner--Deb Cambron

Learn how tartans are woven, see how wool is spun, and learn how wool is dyed.  Deb is a living history veteran who has participated in living history events around St. Louis, St. Charles, and southeast Missouri for over 30 years.  Go to for more information.  Demonstrations will be held every hour on the hour between 11 am and 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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